Bran’s Grand Entrance into the Middle East Art Scene: A Night to Remember at ‘Art in Space’

Beat of a Wing AK-47 Art Piece DUBAI
Beat of a Wing 1 of 1 Unique Piece - Real Deactiavted AK-47 covered in Butterflies denotes Mother-Nature taking over the destructive man made tool and taking away its fatal identity.

Dubai, a city renowned for its opulence and cultural diversity, recently welcomed an electrifying addition to its vibrant art scene. The renowned artist Bran made a stunning debut in the Middle East with an exhibition that served as both an introduction to his compelling body of work and an invitation to the region to explore his artistic vision. Hosted at the chic venue ‘Art in Space’ on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, the event was a resounding success, drawing a diverse crowd from various industries and backgrounds, all eager to experience Bran’s artistry firsthand.


Artist Bran in Dubai - Art in Space
Artist Bran - Digital Art

The evening was a celebration of creativity and connection, filled with positive energy and an air of anticipation. The highlight of the exhibition was Bran’s striking 1 of 1 sculpture, ‘Beat of a Wing’ AK-47, a unique piece that captivated attendees with its bold statement and intricate craftsmanship. This artwork not only showcased Bran’s exceptional skill but also his ability to provoke thought and conversation through his creations.

Bran revealed that he is currently reluctant to part with this exceptional artwork ‘Beat of a Wing’, intending to showcase it in his highly anticipated solo exhibition. Despite this, eager collectors are already vying for the chance to own it, with a waiting list forming and reserve offers under consideration. Who will be the fortunate investor to secure this coveted piece?


Artist Bran in Dubai - Art in Space
360 Video Arena

Adding to the immersive experience, a video presentation in the main arena offered an intimate glimpse into Bran’s journey and the inspirations behind his work. Through a series of captivating photographs and narratives, visitors were able to connect with Bran’s story and understand the profound motivations that drive his artistic endeavors.

The event was more than just an exhibition; it was an invitation to the people of Dubai and the wider Middle East to engage with Bran’s work on a deeper level. The enthusiastic response from attendees was a testament to the powerful impact of his art and the growing appetite for innovative and thought-provoking pieces in the region.

Art Dubai Online - Art in Space Artist Bran
Artist Bran with Special guests in the Video Arena

As Bran’s presence in the Middle East grows, there is already buzz about a potential larger exhibition in Abu Dhabi this November. Though details are still being finalized, the prospect of Bran showcasing his work during the prestigious Formula One event has already generated significant excitement. This anticipated exhibition promises to be a landmark event, further solidifying Bran’s place in the Middle Eastern art scene and offering even more opportunities for art enthusiasts to experience his extraordinary creations.

Artist Bran in Dubai - Art in Space
Artist Bran in Dubai - Art in Space
Artist Bran in Dubai - Art in Space
The night was crowed full of great energy and people from different industries.
Artist Bran in Dubai - Art in Space
CEO of Social Platform 'E' Ali Salamat Artist Bran with the unique AK-47 covered ‘in real butterflies titled ‘Beat of a Wing'

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